How To Get Spotify Premium For Android Smartphone

Spotify Premium: Are you looking for an article to get Spotify Premium free without paying for the Spotify app? If the answer is yes then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to cover on this topic that how to get Spotify Premium for free! If you want to know the process to create a Shopify premium account then follow our guideline.

Free Spotify Premium APK Mod, New Accounts & Password

There are few working Tricks are available to Create Spotify Premium Account Free. Now you will get all the information about Spotify Premium. Read the full post to know all about this app. I hope you will succeed.

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify is the best music platform for all music lovers around the world. Spotify allows listening to the music of all genres and has one of the largest collections of music in the world. With options to play songs, share playlists, listen to songs online, and offline, Spotify provides the best platform for music lovers all over the world. Spotify falls into three categories to be termed as free, trail, and premium which can be. With some limitations on the free version of Spotify, the premium version of Spotify offers one of the best collections of features among all of its competitors all over the world.

How To Get Spotify Premium

The premium offering ad offers one of the best audio platforms as 320 kbps of free songs listening and Spotify options for users. Thus, the high quality of the songs with no ads is the highlight of Spotify Premium. There are many more features associated with Spotify Premium, which among them are a choice between listening to offline music. Just another feature of the huge collection of songs is associated with Spotify and its versions.

Benefits of Premium Spotify

Premium, with Spotify you are entitled to use Spotify to play any song you want and when you want. Thus, you can demand something at any given moment of time. You also have the option to find and listen to playlists or to discover new music. You also have the authorization to create and edit playlists and share music and playlists. With Spotify Premium, you can listen to tunes picked up by the Spotify Radio feature. There are no advertisements that you get with Spotify Premium. Also, you are availing a mobile phone as well as mentioned above.

Difference Between Spotify Premium and Spotify Free

Spotify mainly comes in two versions, one free while the other premium, as some have to compare with each other. With the free account, you are only able to create your own playlists and have the facility to shuffle any playlist or artist catalog. Whereas premium account holders get to do everything, which Spotify is offering. With the free account, you have to endure the frustration of constantly popping up while listening to music while you are in heaven with Spotify’s premium account. Another major difference between the two is that with the free version of Spotify, you can’t skate offline, while users with premium permission listen to offline music.

When it comes to audio quality, another important difference to compare to the free version is, when we talk about the premium version of Spotify, it provides an audio quality of just 192 kbps, at a bit rate of 320 kbps. is proposed.

What is Spotify Price? Is Spotify Premium Worth It?

The Spotify application, which comes free of cost for anyone who does not want to spend a dime and for those who want to explore the full features, premium options are available. Thus, both versions are on offer with Spotify. Spotify Premium comes at a price of $ 9.99 per month. When you have read this value, some of them think ‘Whether such amount is payable?’ Will begin For those people, we can say that the heavy features that are coming with Spotify Premium and using their music world with complete freedom, would be the best decision to pay up to $ 9.99.

Try for free? Spotify Student Premium? And many other features

There is just one more version, which can be called as the trial version, which offers 30 days path at the cost of nothing. With no cost involved, you can enjoy all the benefits of considerable features and premium account in most countries for around 30 days. However, in some countries, this period is 60 days. With some terms and conditions to take advantage of such a feature, users who are subscribed to the premium or unlimited service or who have taken a test are ineligible for this offer ‘option, only those selected Can be taken by.

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Spotify some discounts for students offering premiums. For students with about 50% off at the moment, there are options for students of a lifetime. This allows them to keep away from their annoying advertisements and have full access to Spotify’s features.

How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

Now I am sharing all methods that are still working. If you follow my steps then definitely you will have Spotify premium app on your phone. If you have already installed any version of the Spotify App then please UNINSTALL it.

Free Guide to Spotify Trial

Spotify free trial can be availed from Spotify’s official website. All you need is to select it and Spotify you need the option of the free version to register by entering all the required details.

Do you know that you can get Spotify Premium apps as a trial? Yes, you can get a trial account. The trial period is only 30 days. After 30 days you have to buy their premium version. Now you have to signup on their website. Make sure that you have an active credit card or PayPal account. Otherwise, you can’t complete the signup process.

  1. Go to the  Spotify Official WebSite
  2. There you will see a notification like 30 days free Spotify Premium.
  3. Now click on Signup and input all the personal information and finish the signup process.
  4. Lastly, Checkout via Paypal or fill your Card details and Click on Start 30-Days Trial Now.

Congratulations! Now you got Spotify Premium Account for 30 Days Free. How’s the process? Easy, right? Yes, it is a very easy process. If you have more cards or PayPal account then you can repeat the process. But do not signup with the card that you already used before.

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One thing you must remember that when your trial period comes to end then you must cancel your trial subscriptions. Otherwise, your card will be charged when trial periods end. So make sure that you canceled the trial before it ends.

So now you know how to get Spotify premium for free. Please share this post with your friends and family to help them. If you have any problem you just comment below. I will give you a reply as soon as possible. Stay with us and bookmark this post for more Spotify Premium related content. Cool.

Guide to Spotify Premium for free

To take advantage of the premium features for free, all you need is to visit the official website and select the trial version of the premium option. By registering through the option, you are empowered to avail the premium for the first month of Spotify at the cost of nothing.

Guide for Spotify Premium for Student

For a Premium Spotify account, the user must have the intention of the student and the website for students can be linked.

Guide to Spotify Premium for Families

The Spotify family is just a new version of Spotify, which allows the entire family to take advantage of premium services. For each additional member, you have the option to save approximately 50% of the money for each additional member. For families with a Spotify Premium account, you and your family have the option to enjoy the benefits associated with individual playlists and subscriptions and many other premium accounts.

Others Best Music Apps For Android 2020

Who doesn’t love to listen to music? Everyone loves pieces of music. But finding the exact music is not easy. First, you have to search on google or offline. Sometimes you will find the songs on youtube. But you cant download the song or you can’t able to keep it on your mobile. That is why android music apps are released to solve this matter.

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Now you can find many apps related to music in PlayStore. There are probably 50+ music apps available in PlayStore. Finding the best music app from PlayStore is tough enough. Because most of the new apps have a fake review. It looks like this is the best but when you install and open the app then you realize that you have chosen wrong apps.

I found the best music apps for android and made a list of 10 popular music apps.

1.Google Play Music All Access


3.Apple Music





8.Tune In

9.Pandora Music

10.Jango Radio

After the research, I found that Spotify is the most popular music apps among us. Day by day it becoming more popular because of its features. The features of the Spotify app are awesome. Spotify has two versions, Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.

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With the free version, you will face many problems. The big problem is to advertise. In the free version of the Spotify app has advertised. When you listen to a song it displays. Another big problem is the skipping issue, you can’t skip unlimited times. So now you know how bad the free app is.

That’s why I wrote about How to get Spotify Premium for free. I hope it will be beneficial for you. Let me know if you have any question or problem, simply put a comment, I’ll get to you asap. Thanks for reading our article, Subscribe to our blog. If you find it helpful then please share it with your friends and family. Cool.

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