How to Delete Facebook Account Within Few Minutes

Welcome To our site, I hope all of you are fine. So you already know what is our topic, This guide will teach you how to delete your Facebook account completely. Keep in mind one thing that you will not be able to delete your Facebook account through the Facebook mobile app.

In this present time, most of us have a Facebook account. But some peoples have multiple accounts. Sometimes they think to delete their Facebook account. So in this article, I’m going to show you how you can delete Facebook account permanently.

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For deleting the Facebook account you have to follow few simple steps. If you do the same action then you can able to finally delete FB account. So no more talks lets get into the main part.


People using Facebook are known all over the world, now there are people in the world who do not want to use Facebook, in such a way, if you do not know how to close Facebook ID, then how do you close your Facebook account? You can do it for some time or forever, today we will tell you very easily how you can close your Facebook account

Facebook account closure is of two ways, one is Deactivate and the other is Delete. If you deactivate your account, your Facebook ID will be closed for a few days until you log in to Facebook. Your Facebook account will be closed as soon as you log in to Facebook after a few days, then your Facebook account will be started again.


If you delete your Facebook account, it will close your Facebook account forever, after that you cannot bring it back again later, so think once before closing the account, so Facebook account After deleting, you get 14 days in which you can bring your Facebook account back.

Note: If you are thinking that after closing your Facebook account, all the messages you have sent to your friends will be deleted, then this cannot happen but yes, the message in your Inbox All those will be deleted, but if you have sent a message to your friends, then the message that has been sent will have to be deleted in its inox, except that no one else can delete it


If you want to close your Facebook ID for some time, you can deactivate your Facebook account and follow the steps given below.

1. Go to Facebook account settings

To turn off your Facebook ID for a specific task, first, you have to go to your Facebook account settings

2. Now click on Security then click on Manage Account.


3. Now enter the password and click on Continue

As soon as you click on Deactivate your account, after which it will ask you the password of your Facebook account, then you have to enter the password, then click on Continue.

4. Now select the reason and then click on deactivate

As soon as you enter the password and click on the Continue, then the Facebook users want to know the reason why you want to deactivate Facebook, then you have to choose any reason or you choose the first one (This is temporary) and then its Choose the day you want to close for how many days, after that, you click on Deactivate.

[alert-success] So in this way you can close your Facebook ID for some time, now you must be thinking that if you want to activate your Facebook account after a few days, then how will you do this, then you don’t do anything just like you When you log in Facebook, logging in like that, your Facebook account which is closed will automatically open [/ alert-success]


Facebook data scandal surfaced, many questions have arisen about the social giant. There is a danger of leaking your personal information in the minds of users. The #DeleteFacebook campaign is also running on social media. But amidst all this, it is true that Facebook has now become an addiction. Many people want to get rid of Facebook and also deactivate their accounts. But do you want to find a way to delete Facebook account forever? Let us know today the way in which your Facebook account will be closed forever.


Deleting a Facebook account is not very difficult. But delete the account, means your posts, photos and whatever content data you have shared on Facebook till now, will all go away. That is, deleting the account is not a joke, but it is a serious issue. Let us tell you about those things which need to be kept in mind before deleting the account.


If you close your Facebook account then after that you cannot get your Facebook account back because this process is different from deactivating a Facebook account, so before you close a Facebook account, you should download your Facebook data. To do this, you can go to Settings and then click on General (General), you can download your Facebook data by clicking on the below download a copy.

1. Go to Facebook profile and then go to help
To close your Facebook ID, first, go to your Facebook account and then click the top side directly in the hand side, then click on Help.

2. Now search for Delete Account
To always close a Facebook account, you have to search Delete Account then your first option will click on How do I delete my account, after that, you have to click on Let us know or you can click on this link and delete directly. You can go to the link account delete

3. Now click on delete my account
As soon as you click on Let us know after that Facebook delete page will open, then you click on Delete My Account.
Close Facebook account

4. Now enter the password and captcha and click on OK
As soon as you click on delete my account, after that you enter your Facebook password and then type what is shown on the screen, then click on ok in the box.
permanently delete account

Note: If you delete your Facebook account, then your friends will not be able to see you on Facebook, it may take up to 90 days to delete all your data from Facebook.

Ate the end, I want to say that now you know how to deactivate FB account and delete FB account if you find this post helpful then share it on social media. Stay with us for more interesting content, cool.

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