How to Install & Use Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium Apk: Spotify is an android app for those people who are music lovers. Right now It is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Spotify mod APK is a worldwide usable app. You can find almost all the singer’s songs there. Spotify premium accounts are free and it has also a premium version which is known as the Spotify Premium app.

With the Spotify premium app, you can listen to songs but it will come with advertising. When you listening to a song in Spotify Premium APK, maybe you have to skip the streaming for advertises. It is a boring disturbing thing to all. Also, Spotify free app has some limitations. Though it has some limitations if you do not listen to a lot of music then it is perfect for you.

Spotify premium accounts are just awesome. You can enjoy the music world without any problem. No ads, skip, limitation just enjoy. It costs 9.99$ per month. It is really worth if you are a heavy music lover. But it’s not possible for all to pay, that is why we are here for. In this article, you will get free Spotify Premium Accounts with Passwords.

How To Get Spotify Premium for Free [September 2020 | 100% Working]

Spotify Premium APK Download

Spotify Premium APK has some awesome features. Downloading the favorite songs is the biggest gift of Spotify premium. Also, you are allowed to create your own playlist. In the playlist, you can save the music you want. It has no limitation like 100/500 songs, you can save or download unlimited songs.

Free Spotify Premium APK Mod

So this is why every people search for Spotify Premium Accounts. Spotify Premium Accounts is a beast when you have the app you can feel that you are the king of the music world. It stores the music offline that means local storage or memory card in your device. So you don’t have to worry about losing the songs. All downloaded songs you can find in your mobile storage.

Download Latest Version of Spotify Premium Apk

Download now the mod version of Spotify Premium APK for free. With this Spotify mod app, you can enjoy the full app totally free. Spotify is ​​one of the top ten music streaming services in the world. You can use it on any device on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer, and laptop. For this, you need the internet. It has its own website and app.

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If you are not interested in download Spotify Premium APK or use the Spotify mod version then you can see Get Spotify Premium, I hope you will get a better solution.

Download Spotify Mod Apk

Name Spotify Mod Apk
Version 8.1.9 (Latest)
Size 31 MB
Last Update September 2020
Downloads 1m+
Developer Team_Intelligent


With the free Spotify app, you can skip limited times, but when it comes to Spotify Premium Apk then you can skip unlimited times. If you don’t like any songs you can remove from the playlist. This is the best feature of this Spotify premium app. You can remove unnecessary songs from your storage too. That will free-up your mobile space. So that you can only put your favorite music there.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts With Password

Now I am going to share the email and password of Spotify Premium Accounts. With that, you can log in to Spotify and enjoy the full app. The account is trials, so do not think to use it for a lifetime. I will try to update the accounts every month. To get future updates please bookmark this article.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts With Password

Request to all that please do not change any details. Like a password or email, if you make any change then your app will stop working.

Working Spotify Accounts Email & Password

Copy the email and password and use these details to log in to the Spotify app. If not working we are not responsible. We can not guarantee that all accounts will work. But you can really try these. I wish that you will find a working one.

Email Password Latest_updated Shannon September 2020 humbug September 2020 NCC74656 September 2020 California September 2020 bella202 September 2020 robert01 September 2020 Whitetiger1 September 2020 love2sound September 2020 Jasper22 September 2020 smiley1 September 2020


Spotify Premium Apk Price

Spotify Premium has 4 plans. Now we will discuss these 4 plans.

Spotify Free Plan

If you do not want to pay any sing penny then it is perfect for you. Spotify’s free plan has some restrictions. You will not get the premium features. With this free version, you cant access all movies or web series. In the free version of Spotify, you will see ads. The advertise are really disturbing when you listen to songs. The quality of the free version is not good. You cant play 4k video or full HD. For better quality, you have to upgrade it into the premium.

Spotify Premium Student Plan

Are you a student? If you are a student then you have a great offer from the Spotify Premium Student plan. You will get all the premium features in this subscription. Spotify Premium Student plan is specially made for students only.

If you are not a student then don’t use this version. Spotify has reduced 50% price of the monthly subscription for the student. So a student can now use the Spotify Premium account only for 4.99$ per month. The Spotify free version quality was not good, but the Spotify Premium Student plan has good video quality. You can see 4k Videos and HD videos without any problem.

I think who are students, now they can really use this app. The price is not so high. It is very cheap in all plans. So why are you waiting? Go and subscribe to this plan. After using this Spotify premium apk please comment below how was it, recommend to your friends also.

Spotify Premium Plan

If you are not a student and if you are a job holder or you have money then the Spotify Premium plan is perfect for you. I know that you already have all the information about the Spotify premium plan. If not then please read the above section of our article. In the Premium plan, you are free to go. You can enjoy all the songs without any ads. No ads will be displayed and you can skip unlimited times. So don’t worry about buying this plan.

The Spotify Premium Plan price is 9.99$ per month which is not so high. But it is higher than the Spotify student plan. I already told you that if you have money or if you can afford this price every month then do no late subscribe to this plan asap.

You can enjoy the high-quality audio in this premium plan. All videos you can enjoy with 4K and Ultra HD. Do you know that you can also download the music on your phone? Yes, Spotify premium allows you to download high-quality songs directly on your phone. It is the one reason, peoples search for premium not the free.

Spotify Family Plan

There are many families that all members like to listen to songs. And for this Spotify Planned a package for the family. All family members can enjoy the app. They don’t need to subscribe to this app single. If they subscribe to this Spotify Family plan then all the family members can access the app. What are you waiting for, just go and grab the plan? Make sure that you are from family and all member wants to use this app because it is a little costly than the others plan.

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The Spotify premium apk Family Plan is costly than the others plan. The price is 14.99$ per month. You need to understand that not only you will use this but all of your family members will use it. So this is the price is given. Unfortunately, the price is not negotiable.

The quality of the Spotify Family plan is just awesome. You and your family will get high-quality audio. Also, you are all allowed to download the song into your phone. Some more features are available like you can remove unnecessary songs from your playlist.

Final Verdict

I am sure that you like our post about Spotify Premium APK or MOD and Spotify Premium Accounts. I tried to explain all the matters and given important information. Also given information about Spotify premium price. If you find this article really helpful please share it with your friends. Stay tuned with us and be cool.

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