How To Create WhatsApp Status – All Easy Steps With Pictures

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Create WhatsApp Status: For new users, the WhatsApp application might still be confused about how to create WhatsApp status. WhatsApp was originally just a normal chat application. Currently, WhatsApp already provides story or status features. The chat application that has been acquired by Facebook continues to create new innovations. WhatsApp status also always updates the latest features to keep users away from this application.

How To Create WhatsApp Status

Currently, almost all chat or social media applications are equipped with features to create status. We can make a status with photos, videos, gifs, and also text. The status of the WhatsApp application itself is the same as other applications. The WhatsApp status will last for 24 hours and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

How to make a status on the latest WhatsApp Status

On the WhatsApp application. We can make a status in the form of photos, GIFs, and videos. There are also some editing tools that we can use directly on this WhatsApp application.

1. Create a Photo / Video Status

  1. First, we run the WhatsApp application on our mobile.
  2. After that, we open the Status tab. Or you can also press the camera button on the far left tab menu.
  3. Both options have the same function. However, for camera icons, we can only make a status in the form of photos, moving images, and videos only. While on the Status tab we can make a status, see the status we have made, and see the WhatsApp status of others.
  4. After we open the Status Tab. We choose the words ” My Status” or ” camera icon” below to take a photo, gif, or video status.
  5. After that, the camera will automatically open.
  6. Here we can take photos directly with the camera by tapping the circle button.
  7. To make a video or GIF directly with the camera. The trick is to press and hold the circle button.
  8. There are also other options in this view. Ie we can turn off or turn on the flash.
  9. We can also make a photo or video selfie by pressing the camera button on the bottom right. That way the camera will turn into a front camera. To turn it back into a rear camera, press the camera icon again.
  10. In addition, we can also make a status by using photos or videos in our gallery. You do this by selecting photos or videos that appear on the page. We can move it to the left to show more photos.
  11. To display all photos and videos on our Android. We can press the up arrow, or pull it up.
  12. After taking photos or videos. Then the next page will appear to edit the photo or video.
  13. There are several editing options that we can use in this WhatsApp status.
    • Crop: Serves to crop a photo or image that we will make as a status. This tool will not appear in the video status.
    • Stickers: Useful for adding stickers or emoticons provided by the WhatsApp application. This tool can use the status of photos and videos.
    • Text: Use to add text to the photo directly. This tool can be used in video and photo statuses.
    • Pencil: Useful for scribbling on photos or videos according to our wishes. We can also change the color of the scribble.
    • Filters: Useful to add various filter effects to the story that we will make more interesting.
  14. After we finish editing the status. Then we can add a caption for the story. You do this by selecting the Add a caption at the bottom of the screen.
  15. After finishing adding the caption, we post the status. You do this by pressing the arrow button on the bottom right of our smartphone screen.
  16. Wait a few moments until the story is successfully created.

After our status is uploaded. We can check it by opening our own status. The WhatsApp status of both photos and videos will disappear automatically after 24 hours. But we can also delete it ourselves before reaching 24 hours.

2. How to Make Text Status on WhatsApp

Besides making status in the form of pictures and videos. We can also make the status in the form of text-only on the WhatsApp status application. This status text is perfect for those of us who want to write something. Or it is also usual to write a link so that it can be opened by others. The same is the case with the status of photos, moving pictures and videos. The status text on the WhatsApp application will also disappear automatically after 24 hours.

How to make cool writing status in WhatsApp:

  1. Open the WhatsApp status application on our iPhone or Android.
  2. After that open the Status tab.
  3. Then we select the pencil icon at the bottom above the camera icon.
  4. After it appears, write down the words we want to make.
  5. Then we can add emoticons by pressing the emoticon icon in the lower-left corner.
  6. In addition, we can also change the font type by pressing the T logo at the bottom of the screen.
  7. We can also change the background or background color by pressing the button to the right of the T logo.
  8. After we finish creating and editing the text. We can send the status of the text by pressing the arrow button on the circle in the lower right corner of the cellphone screen.
  9. Wait until the upload process is complete.

Very easy is not to make the status in the WhatsApp application? If we want to save the status on our cellphone. Check out the way below.

How to Save Your Own WhatsApp Status

Actually, WhatsApp automatically saves the status on our cellphone. However, the saved status will also be deleted automatically after 24 hours. Besides, it will disappear after 24 hours. The WhatsApp status also will not appear on the smartphone gallery. Therefore, before the status is erased, we can save it permanently. And bring it up in the gallery application on our cell phone.

How to save WhatsApp stories without an application:

  1. First, we open the File Manager or File Storage application on our Smartphone.
  2. After that, we open internal storage.
  3. Next, we search and open the WhatsApp folder.
  4. After that, select the media folder, then select WhatsApp Image, then select Sent.
  5. So that the status does not disappear after 24 hours. We move the status to another folder by copy-paste.
  6. After we move the status. Then the status will not disappear even after 24 hours. Moreover, that status will also appear in our cellphone gallery.

After listening to the above method, now we are able to make Status on WhatsApp status correctly.

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