How to Change WhatsApp Number Easily Within a minute

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Change WhatsApp Number: Actually how to change WhatsApp numbers can be done with just a few steps, you only need to enter the WhatsApp application settings and change the number.

But what are the effects of changing WhatsApp numbers? will it delete the contact, leave the group, or cause the contact to disappear? We will discuss it fully.

In 2019, WhatsApp launches a new feature that is when you want to change WhatsApp numbers, you can choose to provide information to change your number to the contact list or choose not to share it.

Attention: Before changing WhatsApp numbers, you should first backup all existing chats to avoid missing chats. Although in fact, the possibility of missing a chat is very small.

How to Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Erasing Contacts

  1. Open the WhatsApp application, then tap the burger menu at the top right of the application.
  2. Then select the Settings menu.
  3. Select Account and Change number.
  4. A page will appear ensuring that you want to continue changing Whatsapp numbers or not, tap CONTINUE.
  5. Then enter the old WA number at the top and the new WA number at the bottom.
  6. Then choose whether you want to notify your contact list.
  7. Finally, tap Done.

How to Change WhatsApp Number Easily Within 1 min

Attention: If the new WhatsApp number is on another cellphone then you need to manually verify it first.

Only a few steps above WhatsApp number has been successfully replaced. Because it’s a shame if the Whatsapp number is no longer active but is still being used.

It should be noted that changing the WhatsApp number above will not delete chats or files stored on the cellphone such as photos and videos that have been received or sent.

Before applying how to change the new Whatsapp number above, know in advance the frequently asked questions about what are the effects of changing Whatsapp numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions – WhatsApp Number Changes

Do contacts that are blocked in old numbers still remain in new numbers?

No, when you have changed the WhatsApp number then the contact that has been blocked will not be blocked in the new number, but take it easy because the number we blocked will not know if we have changed the WhatsApp number.

Will it cause us to leave the group?

No, if you have joined a group or groups, take it easy because you will not automatically leave the group.

Will you delete the contact?

Your friend’s contact list in the WhatsApp application will not be affected as long as your friends’ numbers are still stored on the cellphone. But it’s a different case if you save your friends’ numbers on the sim card if the sim card is replaced the stored number will also be lost. So you should save your friend’s number on the device.

Can I go back again using old numbers?

Of course, you can, as long as the old number is still active.

If someone sends a chat to the old number, does it enter the new number?

Of course not, because you have changed the WhatsApp number, so you should inform your contact when you change the Whatsapp number.

What happens if someone calls to the old WhatsApp number?

It won’t be able to make calls via WhatsApp to the old number, but it will automatically be directed to the normal telephone call menu.

If I am the admin group, what happens?

Take it easy because nothing will happen even if your WhatsApp number changes.

Will our friends know if we change WhatsApp numbers?

As explained above that you can choose to notify your contacts. It depends on your choice.


So changing WhatsApp numbers won’t have much effect on existing data such as files, photos, and videos, because everything stays on the device.

We suggest that you enable notifications to change WhatsApp numbers to the contact list so that one time your friend wants to contact you then it is not too difficult. Oh, yes! how to change WhatsApp numbers can be done without verification if the new number is on the same cellphone.

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