Simple 2 Steps: How to Change WhatsApp Background

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Change WhatsApp Background: Bored with WhatsApp that is too simple? One solution to overcome our boredom is to change WhatsApp background. Who doesn’t know this very popular social media application? Yes! WhatsApp has become one of the best chatting applications to date.

How come? This application has various features that are very complete for communication purposes. So that it can provide a sense of satisfaction for loyal users. There are various features that make it easy for us to communicate. Like the features of messages sent, read online features, last seen, and various other features.

How to Change WhatsApp Background

In addition to WhatsApp, we can also make voice and video calls. There are also features to share stories or stories that we can use to share activities or the latest info.

Are you bored with the WhatsApp display? Use 10+ WhatsApp themes that we’ve shared.

So as not to feel bored, we can also change the wallpaper of our chat room. But unfortunately, WhatsApp does not yet provide a feature to change the background of the main screen. Then how to change the WhatsApp background? Check out the following explanation.

2 Ways to Change Whatsapp Background

1. Through the menu

The first way is that we can change our chat room wallpaper through the menu in the WhatsApp application. This method is fairly easy and simple.

How to change WhatsApp chat wallpaper:

  1. Run the WhatsApp application on our Android Smartphone. After that select the menu or icon with three dots located in the upper right corner.
  2. After that select the Settings menu or Settings.
  3. Then after we enter the Settings menu. Click on the Chat section.
  4. After that tap on the Wallpaper section to change the background of our chat room.
  5. Well, here will appear several menu options. Here we can change the background by taking pictures through the Gallery, Wallpaper Library, Solid Color, and No Wallpaper.
  6. If we want to use a picture or personal photo in our cellphone gallery. Tap on the Gallery menu. After that, the page will switch to our Gallery.
  7. Next, select the photo we want to use for Wallpaper Chat WA. After that, adjust the photo with the chat window. If the last step is to press Set.
  8. If we choose the Solid Color menu, we can use the solid colors provided by WhatsApp. Several solid color choices will appear that we can use.
  9. Choose one of the colors we want to apply to the image behind our chat screen. After that, the Wallpaper Preview will appear, if we think it is right for the Wallpaper. Tap Set.
  10. Next is the Wallpaper Library menu. In this menu, we can change the background with the wallpaper provided by WhatsApp Messenger. If we have not downloaded the extension. Click Wallpaper Library.
  11. Then after that, the download page will open. We can download WhatsApp Wallpapers in the form of applications. apk . Install the WhatsApp Wallpaper.apk
  12. After the download is complete, a variety of cool wallpapers will appear that we can use for our chat wallpaper.
  13. Select one of the available wallpapers after that click Set if we feel in accordance with the wallpaper.
  14. Now, to restore the wallpaper to an image as before we can choose the Default option. By selecting this option, the chat room background will automatically change to the default WhatsApp wallpaper.
  15. If we don’t want to use any image in the background of our chat room. We can use the No Wallpaper feature.
  16. Click the option then the background automatically in both private and group chat rooms will disappear.

2. Through the Chat Room

Besides replacing via the menu or settings. We can also change the chat background through the chat room directly.

How to change WhatsApp chat background:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on our cellphone. After that open one of the chat rooms. Be it private or group chats.
  2. After that tap the menu or point three in the upper right corner of our Android screen.
  3. Several menus will appear. Then select the Wallpaper menu. Then several menus will appear as above. Namely gallery, solid color, wallpaper library, default, and no wallpaper.
  4. Then we can choose one of the available menus. To set it up please refer to the tutorial again.

That’s all about how to change WhatsApp’s background. We need to know that the wallpaper will be applied to all chat rooms. Whether it’s a private chat or group chat. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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