How To Block Harmful Website on any Device

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Block Website In Computer or SmartPhone: How to block Website in Computer or SmartPhone – Today everyone in the world has become crazy about the Internet. And there are many bad websites available on the Internet which are very harmful to our SmartPhone.

So today we will learn any website How to block in the computer or laptop or SmartPhone? Hello friends, all of you again have a lot of welcome in the new article of our blog.

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I hope it’s the previous article on how to upload or save your photo in Google? You all must have liked it. Just today we will know how to block any website on the computer or laptop or SmartPhone?

How to block a website in Computer or SmartPhone?

Today, 80%+ people in our entire country use the internet. Every day they visit new websites.

And in such a situation, there are many such websites on the Internet that can hang or damage our SmartPhone or computer from the internet.

Or you may have realized this yourself. Today, many small children also visit the Internet. Because everything is available on the Internet from reading to playing.

block a website in Computer or SmartPhone

But there are many such websites from which children should stay away from such websites, such as any porn websites, hacking websites, etc.

All the parents want their child to be far away from all these things. But not every parent has enough time to care for their child with all these things throughout the day.

That’s why we brought this helpful article for those people who want to keep their children and family away from all these sites, so you can easily block any blog or website from coming into your SmartPhone or computer.

This article is also for those people who run the internet for any educational purpose from their SmartPhone or laptop or computer. And as soon as they open their internet, notification of many dirty-dirty websites starts coming.

Or comes the suggestion of websites, so that they are disturbed by reading, as well as addicted to wrong things. Therefore, if you follow the method mentioned in this article, you can do whatever you want to block the website.

Then whatever is in front of it, the effort will be to open that website through that SmartPhone or computer, but it will always be thwarted.

What is required to block a website in a computer or SmartPhone?

If we think of blocking a website in our SmartPhone, then we need a third party application for it.

You can block any website with the help of the same third-party application, the name of that application is’ Trend Micro Dr. Safety ‘ you will find it easily on google play store.

Which is all in the play store, SmartPhone. You can use Trend Micro Dr. Safety can be downloaded and installed.

Trend Micro Dr. Safety ‘ This application along with blocking the website also provides you some extra function.

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Which is very helpful for our SmartPhone. Let’s know a little about it.

Trend Micro Dr. What is ‘Safety’? What are its extra functions?
This is an antivirus application.

Which is designed for the same purpose, to prevent any virus from entering your SmartPhone and to throw it out of your SmartPhone.

⊗ It scans your SmartPhone files.

(If the virus is full in your files manager, then you can scan it and delete the virus.)

⊗ With the help of this application, you can keep incoming private photo and video in security.

(Meaning when you keep your private photos in security, no one else can see those photos except you when someone opens those photos and videos to see them, they will need a password which will be set)

⊗ With the help of this app, you can prevent unwanted calls from coming in or you can easily block any number.

(Which will never call from that number)

⊗ And lastly, you can block the website.

Now we do not take much time and know-how to block any website in a computer or laptop or SmartPhone?

How to block websites in any SmartPhone?

When you follow this method, you should keep in mind that the sites you want to keep closed only block the sites.

Because once the websites are blocked, the websites will never open on your phone or computer.

So to know the method of blocking the website in your SmartPhone or computer, you will follow the steps given below.

And read the article from the beginning to the end because there are many people who read from top to top and later say that they have not understood.

Now follows These Steps:-

STEP1: First of all open trend play store by Trend Micro Dr. Download and install the safety application.


You download NoRootFirewall. You can also download by going to the direct play store by clicking on the link below.

Download NoRoot Firewall

STEP2: Open the -Now the app will interface then you add application click on feature to


STEP3: After that, you will get a lot of options. You can do whatever you want to do in that app.


But our aim is to block the website, then click on save web surfing.

STEP4: Now you have come to the first step to block your website.


How to block websites in any Laptop or Computer?

First of all, enable safe web surfing.

Then click on the block list.


Then after clicking, you will see a sign of (+) in the top right side corner and click on it]

Then some boxes will come in front of you to fill it.

Enter the URL and name of the website in the same box that blocks your website.

The title of the website Dell wants to block the website.

Enter the URL of the website you want to block in the box below it.


Then just click on save.

Now that website is completely blocked in your SmartPhone. Now no users will be able to open that website in that SmartPhone. In this way, you can block any site in your SmartPhone or computer by following this method.


In this way, you can block any website of your choice. If you how to block any website in a Computer or laptop or SmartPhone? If you want more information about this topic then comment.

And if you find this article how to block any website in a computer or laptop or SmartPhone? If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends so that your friends also know how to block any website in the SmartPhone or computer.

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